Resume Service - Client Results


"Dodie told me to just send her a few performance evaluations and she would do the rest. And did she ever! Dodie took all the military jargon and Army-speak and turned it into something translatable to civilian employers. Only my performance evaluations were used so it maintained a high ethical standard.

I was very impressed with her ability to translate my military career into civilian experiences. The end result was a very pleasing and understandable description of my past experiences. This helped me gain employment right after retiring from the military."
- Randy K.

"I needed my résumé updated after an extended job loss. I needed someone that understood what employers truly are focusing on when hiring. Dodie was professional, easy to talk to, and had a natural ability to pull my hidden talents that were not highlighted in my résumé. It was one of my best experiences because I landed a job within weeks of her help. I would recommend her to anyone."
- Julie S.

"Throughout my career I believed that I had a strong résumé and that I knew how to build a document that was a very high level.  However, when I met Dodie and she started to work with me and my résumé, I realized there was so much that I was missing.

One of the areas that impressed me most was how Dodie asked questions about the positions I have had and the ones that I was going to apply for.  This allowed her to put my style, personality, and success into proper context and to highlight specific accomplishments relevant to my line of work.

There really was no comparison between my old résumé and the one that Dodie worked on with me.  It came back clean, precise, and very interesting.  Of course the grammatical aspects were perfect, but it was the tone and focus of each section that really stood out for me and helped me realize how much stronger the document had become.

I have now worked with Dodie on two separate occasions and the results have been great!  I believe it has helped me secure the employment of my choice."
- Layton S.

"I was recently and unexpectedly terminated from my position of 13 years and needed to quickly update my resume to respond to some opportunities. Dodie was very responsive to my short timeframe request and did a great job in updating and improving my resume. I would highly recommend her. "
- Robert D.